Our Purpose

The three-pronged strategy of The Magnolia Project includes: serving families in life crisis; creating volunteer opportunities for families in life crisis, and facilitating mentoring relationships among high school and junior high youth.

Families in medical crisis have many burdens, emotional, physical, and financial. We hope to deliver a little something to brighten their day, especially during the holidays, and provide a few minutes of our undivided attention to the children so that they can share their story.


Families in life crisis have shared with us that the greatest gift we could give them is the chance to give back to our community. Our visits to these shelters to create the handmade goods together is as much about the time together as it is about the things they make for the families in medical crisis.


Mentoring is a pillar of The Magnolia Project, partnering high school with junior high youth, in community service. The middle school and high school years can be challenging, and the connection with a role model who has walked the path can make a difference to both the mentor and the mentee.




and what they say...

  • "Elizabeth Kimball and The Magnolia Project are pure joy! Our charity league's annual mother-daughter tea was perfected by the generous donation of 150 hand-made hair bows, creative Tea Talk cards and Little bit of something plates. Elizabeth and her team gave our event a very special touch and left a meaningful impression on the 300 mothers, daughters and grandmothers in attendance. I am so grateful for her time spent and know each gift will be treasured by those who received it."
    Nancy Halladay, NCL Del Sol Chapter President
  • "You made our day!"
    Young Guests of the Ronald McDonald House
  • "We never knew we were good enough to do volunteer work, that’s the most important thing you could have done for us.”
    Resident Women at a Local Shelter
  • "It’s so awesome to have an older girl to hang out with sometimes, making the bows was a lot of fun!"
    Middle School Mentee