Our Story

It all started with a labor of love. As a strong, beautiful, lady with deep southern roots, my Grandma was my role model as the “magnolia” in my life. My family has a legacy of incredible women who have faced many challenges, and yet managed to create joy in the lives of others along their journey, including my magnolia Grandma, Sammie, and my mothers’ Grandma, Bessie. Creating things simply to make others smile was their “labor-of-love”, and The Magnolia Project was founded as an extension of their legacy. 

The first project was launched in 2013 to serve The Ronald-McDonald House families who are in need of encouragement by delivering handmade hairbows and bowties and taking a few minutes to hear their story, simply to brighten their day.  We also provide the opportunity for families in life crisis shelters to help us make the handmade goods for those in medical crisis. Finally, we connect senior high students with junior high students to act as role models during what can be a challenging stage in life for any youth. The Magnolia Project’s strategy has evolved into three parts: creating opportunities for families in life crisis to serve those in medical crisis while also connecting mentoring relationships.

Today, The Magnolia Project creates hair bows, bowties, pocket squares, pet bandanas, and blankets, as well as our newest products, “Tea Talk” and “Little Bit of Something “ Plates.  Tea Talk is a mother daughter conversation game designed to foster the special bond.  A “…little bit of something of the very best you’ve got…” was a motto my great grandmother, Bessie, lived by, sharing the cream of her crop with her neighbors. The “Little Bit of Something” plates are packaged to continue that legacy within our community.

I hope you and your loved ones have as much fun wearing your hand~made treasures as we have had making them for you.

Elizabeth Anne Kimball
Founder & President